01492: Early Tobie Christmas

I'm surprised at how tired I'm feeling right now, especially since I slept most of the day away anyway and didn't do all that much after. The only real event for the night was the company Christmas party, which was only tiring because it was a standing party and I was in my boots for the night. Normally I'm okay with the boots but this time around I think I wore socks that were a wee bit too thick for comfort.

On a much lighter note, Tobie came home today with a variety of adorable Christmas gifts for me. We're rather corny in that regard since we tend to give one another gifts really early since (1) we're lousy at keeping secrets from one another and (2) we have yet to reach a point in time where we get to celebrate Christmas together instead of with our separate families.

This year's "official" gifts consist of (1) a replica Sonic Screwdriver in the style of the Eleventh Doctor, (2) a LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth game set and (3) a Ravage USB drive! Clearly Ravage has a special place in my heart, along with the rest of Soundwave's minions. I don't know why Blaster never did it for me - Soundwave will just always be cooler.

Now to sleep. We're both pretty beat and I guess it's hard to ignore the siren's call of our bed right now.
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