01488: Getting Closer to Pride March

After some rather determined searching through all of Ali Mall and SM Cubao, Tobie and I finally found someone who had the equipment to create personalized shirts. Ultimately they're just A4-sized iron-on style sheets with the geeky design that Tobie put together, but we're confident the end result should still be pretty cool. In the past Tobie has put together designs based around Katamari Damacy and Patapon, and this year he's reached a new height with the current geekily gay design. I'm tempted to share the actual print image, but I'll hold back until after the actual event.

In other news, I've finally seen the new Fall of Cybertron editions of Soundwave and Soundblaster along with the complementing "data disc" two-packs for their other minions. I was initially rather excited about these figures, but now that I have a better idea of what they're going to be like, I find myself hesitating to get then.

The data disc minions appear to be spring-loaded Transformers - thus there will be no actual skill to converting them from disc to robot. And despite these being Voyager-class figures, they pretty much look like they're all based around the same transformation as the original Deluxe-class Cybertronian Soundwave released back in 2010. And that's a highly disappointing factor since it means that I'll be paying more for essentially the same time.

I am bound to get some of them in time, but I might end up waiting for them to go on sale before acquiring them. Getting them at full retail rates doesn't see proper somehow. Thus a delay may be more prudent, especially since I have Masterpiece Soundwave coming up at the end of the year.
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