01485: Geeking Out About Games Before Work.

So the holiday weekend for Mom is over and it was certainly fun in its own right. Besides the usual amount of eating (seemingly a requirement when you're with your family), we also actually went out this time and did a bit more than just stay home.

Of course once we did get back to the old house, there was very little hope of us leaving. Given the family's awesome HD home theater setup and a heck of a lot of games, there was more than enough to keep us busy.

My brother and I spent a fair amount of time on the PS3 playing different games like Portal 2, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and Warriors Orochi 3 to name a few.If anything, my game avenues were certainly expanded and I know that Tobie and I eventually need to get around to buying some of those games as well. Seriously, Portal totally blew me away.

Big new game for now is that I finally got a copy of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for the PS3, and man it's a lot more fun than I anticipated. And while the nature of the game is not my core expertise area when it comes to games (I've switched things to Easy mode for now), the story is nicely compelling and the way they captured the whole Transformers experience was definitely interesting. The easy in which one can switch between vehicle and robot modes and the pros and cons of each form are pretty stellar. I just don't quite have a full appreciation for the benefits of each weapon just yet.

And while I haven't played all that much of the game just yet, I totally squealed when Metroplex first made his appearance. I mean man, it was totally Metroplex. How can you not react to him transforming around everyone in the middle of a battle?

I hope the rest of this month isn't overly busy - I would really enjoy being able to play a bit more of this game and explore what the story is all about. And of course I want to see all the other Transformers make their little cameos here and there. Here's to another week!
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