01497: Like Any Of Us Expected Things To Go Differently

So despite the misinterpretations of what the Mayans had left behind, the world didn't end. Big surprise there ,huh? Let's all move on now, shall we?

Barely had enough sleep before work yesterday, so last night was quite the struggle to get through. But I survived and still got things done on a number of fronts. So yay for me. Now I have one more work shift to worry about before I can focus on the holidays in earnest.

The next few days are going to be horribly busy, which is typical of the holiday season. And while we'd all like to associate holidays with time for rest and relaxation, in reality we accept how the major ones like Christmas are more tiring than others. And it's not bad in itself - some of the best times that involve people that you love and value will always be worth the investment of time, energy and all that good stuff.

I really, really need to figure out how to better optimize how I store my Transformers and other toys here at the Sietch. With so many new additions this Christmas season plus Masterpiece Soundwave just around the corner AND the odd LEGO car from Shell also lying around, things are looking a little cramped.

New Q1 Goal - invest in shelving or alternate storage options. And perhaps finally bring some Transformers to the office for alternate display options, assuming they don't get stolen or something. *fingers crossed*

One day more!
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