01490: Post-Hobbit Ramblings

So Tobie and I caught The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey earlier today. Initially we had been holding out for trying to catch it at one of those select theaters that can display it in full HFR 3D, but that would mean watching somewhere other than Araneta Center. And given it's not like we love 3D movies all that much to begin with, we ended up deciding to stay closer to home in the interests of making best use of our time instead of losing a big chunk of our lives to traveling through Metro Manila holiday traffic.

It was nice to revisit Peter Jackson's interpretation of Middle Earth with a new host of colorful and zany characters. I'll have a formal review of the movie out on the Geeky Guide come Monday, but for now a few lighter (and potentially spoiler-y) musings on the movie:

  • I love Galadriel, however I don't get why she is unable to keep still during most of her time on screen. During the entire meeting, it seems she had to constantly circle the table where the group had gathered. And when she does stop, it is done with a 180 degree pivot that seems impossible with the aid of a rotating platform or something. Plus her long, long flowing dress never gets tangled as she moves. Magical.
  • The dwarves attack based on the Newton's laws of motion. Thus the group of dwarves won't attack unless one of them makes a mad dash forward first, thus triggering the change in inertia.
  • Were we the only ones weirded out by the voice casting choice for the Goblin King? He just felt so out of place.
  • Radagast the Brown worked so much better for me on-screen than in the book. Plus he's a Time Lord, so it makes better sense why he was so appealing.
  • Speaking of The Doctor, Gandalf is a good candidate for being a Time Lord. He keeps yelling at everyone to RUN!
  • Gollum's scene reminded me of the fact that it was the one part of the book that actually creeped me out the first time around. So when the LOTR movies came around, I was disappointed that audiences were finding him to be rather comical.
  • Gandalf is trope-y. Primary attack movies are flash of flight, break a rock and talk to moths.
  • Whenever you bring in those giant eagles, we all end up wondering why they don't just fly direct to the lonely mountain instead of opting to walk most of the way.
  • As expected, Martin Freeman was totally brilliant (and very Watson-y) as Bilbo Baggins.
So now we have to wait for the other two movies to be completed and released. I'm not quite on-board for the HFR 3D bandwagon just yet considering regular screening tickets were already at P200 a pop. What more when you involve the 3D aspect to things? What I would like to see is a non-3D HFR type screening. 

Already at work. Was worried that I wouldn't wake up in time had I chosen to take a nap, so I went in early instead. Yay.

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