01500: Family Time

Today's my brother's 20th birthday, but instead of some big party we ended up staying home, watching movies and making fools of ourselves with PS3 games. But it's a fitting enough birthday celebration of sorts, I would think, given these are all things that we enjoy.

My family has always been a rather private one - hence the general lack of photos from our gatherings and events being out there on the social web. We don't often make the rounds of visiting other relatives and such either - it's just not a thing we do. So a lot of the times that we do spend time together, more often than not we don't even leave the house.

Clearly my family helped instill my love for watching movies at home - legal or otherwise. They've also supported my gaming habits and the general fun of acquiring vast numbers of console games comes from my dad when you think about it. We've always focused on activities that we can do at home or any excursions are very family-focused. And when I say family I mean the core unit and not any of our second-degree relations either. It's just how we are.

This year has certainly been one for family time for me. Beyond more regular visits to go see my mom or spend the weekend playing games with my brother, there's also the more frequent trips to Singapore to see my sister and such. And that's definitely a good thing - we don't often get to spend a lot of time all together given where we all live and our busy lives. Family time is always a good thing.

And now for more time with my own budding family unit of Tobie, me and Yoshi. And yes, the dog is considered a full member of the family - another virtue that I picked up from my own family experience. Pets are always valued after all.

I see more PS3 time in our future.