0148D: Monday Sick Day

I didn't go to work last night - by the time Tobie had arrived home from work and tried to wake me up, I just felt pretty awful. It was a weird mix of fatigue coupled with my lifelong companion - asthma. And the heaviness didn't leave me even after I had something to eat. Thus staying home seemed to be the more prudent decision at this point. Plus I have an important meeting tonight that I can't afford to miss.

I suspect that this is all a delayed side effect from the Pride March activities over the weekend. It certainly took a lot out of me physically plus my actual lack of sleep on the day of the march itself.

There's a bit of a cough plaguing me as well and a general discomfort in my throat. So now I'm opting to start taking some Pei Pa Koa - the weird Chinese cough medicine. As much as I don't officially know what's in it nor how it's supposed to work, I have to admit that it does seem to help. Weird but true.

In other news, I've finally gotten started on reading Marvel's Runaways. Tobie has been trying to get me to get into the series for some time now but I always seem to be busy reading something else - such is the geeky life after all.Well I now have the first volume worth of comics thanks to a rather timely comiXology sale. These electronic sales always seem to get me when I least expect it, but at the very least I know that I'm still contributing to the future of these comics books as opposed to merely, um, liberating them from the internet.

The premise is certainly interesting and the power set of the crew certainly has a lot of potential as well. It'll still be a while before they fully grow into their powers, I expect, so I'm trying to be patient. It's hard to imagine that this was originally meant to be a 6-issue series given how the first book ended. But then again, I'm sure that they expanded the story before the close of the first six issues once the order to write more stories came about.

I really need to find the time - or more like the will - to get some more writing in. Then again, I'm still enjoying everything else that this geeky life has to offer including my Transformers, other comics books, novels, TV shows and movies. Oh, and most recently a fair amount of Leverage, again at Tobie's prompting.

But for now I'll need to get as much rest as possible and then prepare myself to actually go to work tonight.

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