0148F: Hunting Transformers in the Metro

Today after work, Tobie picked me up at the office so we could make our way to meet-up with a very good friend. And it made for quite the lovely morning as we pretty much talked for a good two hours pretty much non-stop. You know that you have a truly unique kind of friendship when the talk flows that freely, even after having not seen one another for months on end due to the fact you live in different countries. Life is full of happy surprises in that regard.
Kickback and Ultra Magnus

So on the way home I again made the rounds of the various toy stores since I was pretty determined to find Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Kickback given the artificial rarity around his figure. They did the same thing with Shockwave back with Wave 1 of this line and I was determined not to fall prey to that.

So I started at Toys R Us at Greenbelt 5, even though I had just gone there last Saturday, but no luck. Then I checked out Landmark but no dice either. I found the new location of Toy Town at the newly re-opened Glorieta 2 wing, but again nothing. And I still swung by Toy Kingdom at SM Makati just to push my luck after having acquired Starscream, Sideswipe and Air Raid just yesterday. Clearly Makati is drained of most of the figures of this wave.

Back in Cubao, I was feeling pretty tired but I figured it was worth the gamble to check out the stores by taking a longer route home - and I admit that I had also just passed by these stores yesterday. At Rustan's Gateway I managed to connect with my contact there - a clerk who takes the time to text me when new figures arrive. They still haven't received new stock are expecting the figures to arrive over the weekend. He promised to text me if ever.

I really ought to get him something for Christmas. That's a good relationship to cultivate as long as he continues to remain employed there.

And finally I swung by SM Cubao's department store and struck paydirt - they had just stocked up on the Wave 3 figures and so I opted to go home with both Kickback and Ultra Magnus. And given how all the different store shelves looked like, I get the feeling that I ought to take the plunge and snatch up Optimus Prime and Jazz soon before they disappear entirely. My plan to get them on sale may not pan out in the long run.

So that was today's run. It's a good thing we have 13th month pay in this country, haha!