0149E: More Geeky Friday Fun

So last night I finished playing through the main story of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. The game was a heck of a lot of fun - even more so when I reached the stages where I could control Grimlock. And while one cannot claim that stories were in any way canonical, one definitely cannot argue that the Grimlock stages really felt like you were controlling the Dinobot commander.

Die, Insecticons, DIE!

I don't foresee myself playing through all the stages again on all the difficulty levels since it's still not my core gameplay preference. Still, it was a lot of fun and I'll definitely try to re-explore the various stages, maybe aim for some of the unlockables and of course eventually wade into the multiplayer levels.

Today I woke up earlier than planned, which was a good thing since it was just in time to get Yoshi over to the groomers for his monthly make-over. With him already out, that left time for me and Tobie to sort of map out our day's errands around him. And only real errand was to head over to the bank so everything else was gravy.

Today we picked up a few PS3 games to add to our multiplayer arsenal, namely Army of Two and Warriors Orochi 3. And Tobie indulged me a bit by also picking up a copy of Transformers: War for Cybertron, which is the first game before Fall of Cybertron. I already started the game and I can see all the different refinements done that helped make this game so much better in the long run. One can only wonder how the franchise will evolve from this point.

What was truly surprising is what Tobie ended up getting beyond what he had purchased with me. You see, we had to split up on the way home since we already had Yoshi but Tobie had forgotten his leash at the groomers. So naturally I got home ahead and was surprised that it was taking Tobie so long to get home. What happened was that he had gone on a little Yoshi spoiling spree and got a heck of a lot of new stuff for him, including a new pen so he has more space than his current cage and even a new bed. Now we just need to wait for Yoshi to acclimate to these new items and their use.

Now I need to wrap things up - we're heading over to Mahar's place for more gaming fun!

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