01489: Near Flipping Out Before Pride

I hope I don't FLIP OUT, too!
So I have one more work shift to deal with tonight and things have progressed pretty well this week. While things remain busy, they weren't quite as crazy as things were last week. And that's quite the good thing indeed/

And today is my pay day, and it nicely avoided the typical 15-30 pay cycle for most people - at least for this time around. And while I feel good that I was able to address my errands for the day (and left my bank account feeling a lot better than before), there was a bit of a hitch in terms of our custom shirts for LGBT Pride tomorrow. The little mall booth where we had the shirts done had initially promised that we'd be able to pick up our shirts today, however when I dropped by after work they stated it would have to wait for tomorrow.

Tobie investigated a bit more with the direct contact number they provided and it turns out that they didn't have the special paper needed to print the design on the shirts. And for some reason the paper won't be delivered until closing time tonight. So now we're sort of on edge about whether or not the shirts will actually make it to the Pride March tomorrow. I really don't want to flip out, so for now just trying to stay calm and keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Just a little more!