0149B: Family Gadget Envy

As is the way of these modern times, this year's family Christmas involved a few gadgets. And Dad emerged as the best Christmas gift-giver EVER by giving Mom a Kindle Paperwhite. I swear, tears were involved, and this was despite how my siblings and I had worked together to get a Phillips Air Fryer over here from Singapore (if only because it's like half the price).

And while I love my Kindle Keyboard (nee Kindle 3), I have to admit that I'm now more in love with this product than ever before. Gods, what a nerd! It's one thing to rant and rave over a product based on the initial specs sheets and write-ups, it's a horse of a different color entirely to have it in your hands.

So despite my best sensible notions about being content with my current Kindle and not wanting to get another one, I REALLY WANT A KINDLE PAPERWHITE!!! And it does not help that Mom is constantly showing it off and teasing me. I'm pegging this purchase for March when my sick leaves are converted to cash. I could possibly get it sooner, but it would mean dipping into savings and putting my Masterpiece Soundwave purchase more of a risk than it needs to be. For now, that's where my money is going to go once the item arrives.

And now we're trying to make fried chicken using the Air Fryer. Such a tech Christmas! Fun times.


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