01493: Madcap Christmas Shopping

I am always amused by the fact that Tobie and I are more effective shoppers than we tend to give ourselves credit for, especially around the holidays. Despite the fact that we typically enter the mall each year with little to no idea of what we what to get our loved ones as Christmas presents, we somehow manage to emerge from the malls with a pretty healthy haul of goodies that address most of our checklists.

Case in point, today the bulk of the shopping needs were Tobie's (since my siblings and are are doing combination gifts this year) and thus we went all around Araneta center looking for items of interest. And while it was quite the challenge to get everything done given the limited time we had (Tobie still had work obligations to address first and I have work later tonight), I'd like to think that we made pretty good use of the time constraints that circumstances imposed on us and still ended up with some pretty respectable gifts.

Pardon the messy background, hehe

And yes, apart from the gifts we still managed to get a few new geeky additions to the Sietch. I for one finally gave in and bout Transformers Generations Hotspot along with two adorable little beanie plushies - one a grasshopper and the other a wolf in sheep's clothing. Other stuff that Tobie picked up included this weird little Chomping Shark game set and one other item that I can't discuss just yet since it matches another gift that we bought for someone else. Spoilers!

And now off to bed to get some semblance of sleep before I start the work week anew.