0149D: Waging War on Cybertron

So I stayed up pretty late yesterday playing Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I had only acquired the game recently and I was determined to get over the annoying stealth levels involving Cliffjumper and his unique cloaking ability. I had gotten stuck the last time despite being on a much lower level of difficulty and figured it was about time to try and surmount that challenge this time around. With Tobie's help and a few online walkthroughs, I finally found a way to get past the stages and things sort of continued on from there.

I have to admit that I'm enjoying the game a LOT, even though the gameplay isn't exactly what I would call my typical. I'm not very good with high combat games of this nature with a lot of aiming and firing, but for a Transformers story I'm totally for it. And besides, there's a special amount of fun to be had in using various Transformers to clear through various levels with hordes and hordes of enemies.

And needless to say there is a unique amount of fun to be had from eventually getting to control the Combaticons and ultimately their gestalt form of Bruticus. It did sort of feel like a slightly campy Power Rangers Megazord moment as you bash through Autobot defenses with the giant robot, but naturally such mayhem is a heck of a lot of fun.

Plus I love how each Transformer has very different skills that give each stage a different feel to things. Cliffjumper and his cloaker mean you play through the mission with stealth kills instead of force. Soundwave has a more technical level where his intelligence comes to fore. And of course eventually getting Megatron means simply blasting through each stage with the arrogant force of the evil tyrant.

And this isn't even my formal review of the game!

Otherwise, had dinner with the family today to celebrate Dad's birthday. And I got home just in time for a one-shot Lacuna game that Tobie is running for BJ and Urim today. It looks like Agent Mason has one last job to accomplish before the night is over.