0149A: Geeky Holiday

G1 Seekers - colors by khaamar

So Christmas has been interesting, to say the least. And while a take-out dinner consisting of stuff from Banana Leaf, Chowking and Goldilocks may not sound immediately appealing to you, but hey it totally works for us. We've always been the sort of family to not want to leave the house very much and staying home with as little effort as possible totally.

Throw in the amazing home theater setup that my parents have here and we're pretty much good to go. And what are we watching? Well would you have guessed the LOTR trilogy? I doubt we'll finish all three movies tonight, but we'll certainly get started on the darn thing again.

Note to self: Make time to watch the extended version of the trilogy with Tobie.

We've already exchanged gifts and I'm trying to get this blog done while a rather large slice of sansrival is staring at me. It demands to be eaten before the Hobbits escape the riders of Sauron going through Bree. So much food!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having a good holiday, too.