0149C: Between the Major Holidays

Protectobots: S.O.S. Japan by RadicalDreamerX

It's that odd post-Christmas moment when everything seems to just get a tad confused for a moment since you're still on a holiday mode but a lot of the world needs to get back into working gear. This is stranger for call center folk since a lot of folks don't even get their holidays, but that's not the point here. What I want to drive home here is how weird it is when you want to indulge in the holiday period and yet folks either have to work or the fun activities to do involve places that might be closed or something.

And don't get me started on the madness that is the Metro Manila Film Festival.

So on my first day back home at the Sietch after my family holiday weekend, Tobie and I have pretty much stayed home. Yes all the malls and stuff are open again but (1) Tobie has work to finish and (2) we know that the malls are going to be filled to the brim with people and (3) the only movies showing right now are those MMFF movies. Crap and a half.

So instead we ordered take-out from North Park and have been watching movies all afternoon while Tobie has been trying to get through his work stuff. Our movie line-up thus far has been a bunch of different stuff from earlier this year. Started with Safety Not Guaranteed, then we moved on to the horrible remake of Total Recall, and now we're watching Pitch Perfect. It's an interesting line-up, I know.

Then I foresee PS3 time in the future. Or game boards. Something. And whatever it is, I know it'll be good even if we just stay home. Life's funny that way.

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