02C63: Workout Pivot

Wednesday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1103

This morning I realized that I've been extra fussy over my weight and my workouts not just because I've been heavier and less active recently, but also because I'm traveling next week. And travel typically results in me not being able to go through my usual routines including my workouts. I don't even stay 100% dedicated to keto during these excursions because it's really hard when you're away from home. So I think on some level, I've pressuring myself to step up my activity in order to have better resolve while away from home.

Picking up the resistance bands today felt great. I've been generally avoiding my old resistance band videos since my left arm isn't 100% (still!) and I can't manage some of the poses effectively. So instead of feeling frustrated that I can't follow the videos completely, I instead improvised things such that I focused on the many exercises that I can safely do with my current range of motion. And that felt like a pretty fulfilling workout indeed - I hadn't realized how much I had missed strength training. So my frustration about not jogging sort of diminished as jogging in itself was just an alternative to strength training and other more intense activities.

I'm far from being fully back in my groove, but I think today's workout was a big step in the right direction.

A shoutout to the Nike Training Club App for being really helpful in the ups and downs of my fitness journey. The workout library is just so diverse that I can pretty much just dial up any sort of workout that I need depending on the day. Do I want to focus on recovery? Then I find a yoga flow for the day. Do I just need a warm-up before I go out for a run? The app has those too. Do I need a workout that doesn't require equipment or one that uses mainly dumbbells? Yup, I can filter for that too, more or less. It has been great and it's a good place to start (or fall back on) for most beginner or immediate fitness folks.

Let's hope that I continue to build on my limited successes tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that...