02C51: Good Gaming Notes

Saturday Brazil Imperial

Metro Manila Community Quarantine  - Day 1085

We had a solid little game night last night. We still haven't managed to beat Tiny Epic Dungeons. We're still having fun making our way through all the different cards of Fabled Fruit. And we ended the night by bringing out our Collector's Edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig and played it for the first time. As much as we didn't have any new games for the night, we still had a lot of fun and really made good use of the time.

This afternoon, we made some time to learn how to play Brazil Imperial after our Sariwon lunch and today's episode of The Heirs. The game is a surprisingly tight 4X experience that doesn't take as long as other strategy games of the same vein. And that's not an easy thing to design for, so Tobie and I were pretty impressed with it. It was extra tight with just two players and I'm rather eager to see how it works with more players at the table. Then again, I feel this way about a LOT of board games that we have. Such is the nature of the hobby.

The rest of the day was invested in today's Pendragon online RPG session. We typically game on Sundays but we have to shift to a Saturday schedule this week given player availability. I'm at that point again where my character is approaching his end and I'm trying to figure out who I'll play next in this multi-generational game. I'm only on my second character while other players are already on their 3rd or 4th characters at this point. I guess have a bit of a problem with letting go plus I tend to play survivors who get through even the crazier bits of our Arthurian adventures. 

To be fair, a number of the players are all going through this challenge given our respective character stories. There was a lot of heavy action in today's session and I'm pretty eager to see where things are going to go in the new few sessions. We've been playing this game since 2017 after all and it's kind of insane that it's still going strong. 

We lead a good geeky life.