02C59: Deeper Gaming

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1093

Last night we gamed with Noel, as has become our near-weekly habit ever since we introduced him to the modern board game hobby. Since we had a lot of time as it was a Saturday night and it was just the three of us, that got me thinking about finally introducing him to Through the Ages, one of our favorite games that does take a bit of a while to fully wrap your head around. A long Saturday game night was the perfect opportunity to get him properly briefed on the rules and such. 

The game took...about as long as we expected for a first game. But wow, I have missed playing this particular game. Despite the massive time commitment, it's still a really solid experience and one that speaks to my deep love for 4x games. And given all my recent Stellaris playing, I guess my brain was really in the right headspace for this game. Then in contrast, our game of Suburbia right after felt like it played as quickly as a round of Splendor or something. 

This game doesn't always take that long - players get used to things and we can trim off an hour or so from the running time eventually. And it's always the way with these games - the more popular ones tend to offer a lot of potentially deep strategies but also demand a lot of brain space. But I'm glad that we have friends who are more than up to this tabletop gaming challenge.

Funnily, my posts about our Saturday night game have resulted is us playing Through the Ages online using the app since other friends wanted to play as well. We have good friends indeed.