02C5C: Deeper Into Stellaris

Wednesday Bangus

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1096

The new First Contact expansion for Stellaris is out. I'm pretty keen to try it but I haven't decided if I'm eager enough to buy it at full price just yet, but that's just on general principle. It's because of the same reason that I'm not actually 100% complete in terms of Stellaris DLC. But there are particular aspects of this new story pack that feel rather appealing and I'm eager to give it a shot. I guess I'll content myself with the automatic changes to the overall game that accompany this expansion and see what Stellars 3.7 has to offer.

I also just finished reading Stellaris: Infinite Frontiers, which is an ebook that came with my purchase of the deluxe edition of the game. I had forgotten that it had been part of the deluxe bundle and I loaded it into my Kindle recently because of my current Stellaris fixation. It wasn't the best piece of fiction I've ever read - but what else would you expect from a story inspired by a strategy game like this. But it had enough of the flavor of things to feel like it was part of the larger setting.

Balancing my reading with my renewed interest in making time for computer games has been a little tricky. I'm barely keeping pace with my reading goals but it's not bad enough to feel particularly stressed about things. But such are the challenges of my geeky life.

But tonight I want to save myself some time for other things by wrapping up this blog post. I still need to go through today's Duolingo drills and then I hope to get some O Bar videos processed before bed. They're going to be open again on Thursdays, and we want to be there to support them tomorrow.