02C5E: Regular Game Nights

Friday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1098

As much as there's a part of me that would LOVE to go to O Bar every chance we can, that would be pretty expensive and literally physically taxing at our age. And so whenever we're not at O Bar, we're most likely playing board games.

This weekend is one of our non-O Bar weekends. Pretty much every week we have at least one online RPG session, which is great but is still a somewhat limited form of the hobby. We've yet to transition these games back to being in-person due to convenience. But for these non-O Bar weekends, we've started to have more in-person board game nights so that we can get the collection moving.

Now we're pretty determined gamers and we've cycled through a lot of friends and acquaintances for these Friday night games with very diverse results. But over recent months we've really codified game nights with particular friends who live nearer and are almost always available. And these have become some of the highlights of every week and we try to make time to play whenever there's availability. And tonight is one of those game nights as will next Friday.

I have a work trip scheduled for the end of the month and the first half of April and I know that I'm going to miss our game nights a heck of a lot. I'll be busy with other things and I'll have my Kindle and Steam collection of games to keep me company on the road, but in-person game nights just stretch a whole other geeky itch. 

We still have our big FGTC monthly gaming meets as one of the big highlights of our gaming calendar. But still, the regular (mostly) Friday game nights provide a unique venue to continually try new games, bring up "classics" from deeper in our collection, and a greater chance to work through repeat sessions for games that merit from such plays. 

And I know we're starting to build up to figuring out how to tackle one of our many legacy games in these sessions. Such joy.