02C50: Imagined Wedding Guests

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At the tail end of Allan Cumming's Baggage, he talks about how he met his husband and how things led to the discussion of marriage. It wasn't quite a fairytale romance or anything like that, but it was an honest and genuine story that really resonated to some degree. It was a nice place to end the book.

I was jogging while listening to the audiobook, and quasi-meditative run state brain had me think about what our wedding could look like. Tobie and I have largely been holding out for a proper legally recognized wedding in the theoretical future. But who knows, maybe we'll get tired and just have a ceremony for whatever. The point is, the audiobook still got me to think about a wedding would be like for us. And that doesn't happen a lot.

Funnily, the first thing that I imagined was have the O Boys from O Bar at a table. They're already pretty tight crew, so naturally inviting even just one would mean inviting all of them. And if the O Boys were there, then of course the O Divas would be somewhere there too. And that sort of snowballed into a LOT of O Bar-related guests with us. And mind you, they're all guests - they're not there to perform.

Yes, we'd still have family present and close friends. But I'll admit that outside of our core circle, the bulk of our friends are O Bar people. On top of that, we're closer to more of the performers and the staff versus other bar patrons at this point. They really are practically family. So it totally counts.

I guess it says a lot about our lives now and the social circles we're active in. We're entering our 14th year together as a couple, which is a heck of a lot longer than most straight couples wait before getting married. And over the years we've figured out what our priorities are and what kind of people we most enjoy being with. Thus we have our board game friends and our O Bar friends and the happy intersection between the two. And we'd totally want to share an important moment like getting married with them.

I also briefly entertained the idea of Tobie and I learning some silly choreography for a dance, but we'll see if anything like that ever materializes. The thought of dancing in front of friends who are much more experienced as performers and artists feels kinda crazy but also very right at the same time.

There's no harm in dreaming.