02C64: Out of Sync

Thursday Shirataki Lunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1104

Tobie's a little under the weather this week, and that's throwing everything off. This is not a complaint - just an acknowledgment of how intertwined our lives our, especially after the lockdowns. The day-to-day "operations" of the Sietch involve a lot of back and forth between us as I take up certain errands and Tobie handles others. I typically prepare lunch and he handles dinner. The list goes on and on and we operate like a pretty well-oiled machine now, especially after the closer proximity of the pandemic lockdowns.

His condition isn't dire, but it's just enough to throw a lot of things off. First to go is eating schedules - he needs more timely nutrition to help with his recovery so he's back to regular meals while I'm still on intermittent fasting, The change in meal schedule means that he has to either prepare or order his own food for that earlier meal, which sort of dominoes and misaligns the rest of the day. Then there's the question of other chores like doing the dishes, which naturally I'll want to handle instead so that he can focus on resting.

I'd like to think he'll be okay by the weekend, but it's still very possible that it may become more prudent that he rest more. And that would be a really sucky way for things to go as I'll be flying to Singapore on Sunday and naturally I want to enjoy our time together as much as possible before then. And we have a pretty busy schedule for the weekend including a culminating O Bar event to cap things off. I'd still survive on my own, but I wouldn't be as happy for sure. So fingers and toes crossed for now.

Beyond that, I had a decent resistance band workout again this morning and I feel pretty good about it. Years of following different workout videos from different sources seem to have given me a relatively intuitive understanding of workout design so I've been able to "slot" exercises for different muscle groups as needed along with throwing in in-between stuff to get my heart rate up for cardio benefits. I don't claim to be an expert or anything, but I appreciate that the level of work still feels similar to what I've experienced with the videos I've followed while still being able to tailor things to avoid aggravating my existing injuries.