02C6A: Busy First Session Day

The Nephews

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1110

When I said that this week was going to be busy, I wasn't kidding. The first day of this week's workshop/planning series was quite full and required a lot of brain power, to say the least. At least it felt like a very productive session, although we still have a LOT of work ahead of us still.

Given this, I've had very limited time with the nephews this week. Our shift of venues means that I no longer share a room with one of the boys, so I was finally able to sleep through the night uninterrupted last night. Pros and cons since it also means I didn't have my nephew cuddling into bed beside me, which is rather adorable. At least the boys do wake up before I do, so I made sure to squeeze in some time with them before we had to leave for work. Such moments feel rather fleeting in the blur of the busy workdays, but they're still precious.

Thus far, the boys tend to be asleep by the time we get back from our sessions unless you count either of them waking up at odd hours of the night, as young children tend to do for various reasons. We'll catch up more on the weekend for sure, but for now, it feels like we're chasing after them indirectly. I totally do not miss having a commute as part of my workday. 

One thing I haven't been able to manage is my workouts throughout the week. I certainly hit my daily step goals at least and today I made sure to manage my time so that I wouldn't miss any of my hourly step reminders either despite the workshops. I still ended up doing some basic bodyweight exercises at the end of the day to help make up for the missing steps and hit my Zone Minute count for the day as per my Fitbit. Still not ideal, but at least it's something and I still manged to "close all my rings" in Apple Watch-speak. 

I shouldn't stay up too late. We have another early day tomorrow. Upwards and onwards.