02C54: Telling a Stellaris Story

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When I first started playing Stellaris, I just figured it was another strategy game cut from the same cloth as Master of Orion and I generally played it as such. But as Paradox Interactive has added more and more expansions to the game, it has sort of evolved to be more than just a game to interact with but almost a story engine for different science fiction scenarios. Want to see how a race of aquatic merchants would fare in space? Or how about a machine empire determined to destroy all biological life.

So let me tell you about my current game.

My current Stellaris empire started as a bunch of void dwellers who mainly live in artificial environments. I crafted them to be spiritual, and this has led the race to go down the path of psionic abilities. They've also become a refugee haven, especially since two close neighbors turned out to be highly aggressive eradicators who have been driving refugees our way.

I thought I'd play them as a trade empire, but one thing led to another and I become more of a political power and now acts as the leader of the galactic council. I managed to get a measure to reduce the council seats from 5 to 4 passed, thus further consolidating my power and influence. I've yet to exercise my veto rights as other races tend to follow my lead when I vote in a particular manner for any active measure being debated by the senate.

My goal now is to secure my borders with powerful starbases anchored by impregnable fortress worlds. That's quite a resource-heavy endeavor so I've been alternating expanding my industrial base with slowly building up sector fleets defending my different borders. I really don't think I have significant enough fleet power just yet, but we'll see if I can figure out how to manage things better. 

But I already want to start a new game and see how a more aggressive species will work out versus this democratic xenophile race. And this is with me still holding back by not buying the last two story packs...although the upcoming First Contact expansion seems VERY exciting thus far.