02C57: More Stellaris Iterations

Friday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1091

I'm in that tricky Stellaris cycle where I keep wanting to start new games with different origins to see how the story plays out. I have the difficulty very low and the chance of combat similarly reduced just so I can focus on building up my empire. But I really need to work my way towards more aggressive empires just to explore that side of things. And with a new DLC just around the corner, I'm getting excited to pre-order that one and catch up on all the other DLC I still haven't purchased.

My current empire is a hive mind that thought would be aggressive but immediately got pinned down by a neighbor. I've been a vassal state ever since our first border skirmish but thankfully it was so early in the game that they didn't negotiate for any sort of tithe. This has actually helped me since everyone focuses more on my overlord instead of me and I've had the time to freely grow my hive. But I haven't been great at finding other species to use as material for future populations since I'm essentially a zombifying fungus.

I know, very on the nose. But it was an experiment worth trying.

I'm bound to start a new empire over the weekend. This way my hive mind is hedged in isn't enough and I just can't seem to gather sufficient fleet strength to challenge my overlord. Grrr....