02C55: Juggling Historical Accounts

Wednesday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1089

My "Currently Reading" list includes The Life and Times of Prince Albert and The End of the World Is Just the Beginning, the latter being our family book club title at present. Both ended up being serious historical explorations with Prince Albert being a lot more focused (obviously) while the latter book started with a quick recap of pretty much our entire history with an emphasis on economic and industrial progression. It has been a little weird switching between the two titles as there's a significant period of overlap when End of the World is covering the time of Queen Victoria's reign.

Stranger still is that the detailed breakdown of how things work has started to bleed into how I think about my Stellaris games as it is structured to generally follow a progression path that isn't too different from our own history but projected forward through the lens of science fiction. I'm going through that classic Stellaris game loop where I want to start a new game in order to better apply everything I've learned from watching YouTube videos on the game and, to some degree, thinking about the metafiction as it ties to human history. 

The heavier reading has slowed my Goodreads Challenge progress to some degree. Thus you'll see me spamming comics every few days in order to "catch up" on my reading efforts. I just brought things back into order yesterday in order to free up more head space to go back to our book club title in earnest. But I'll still need to throw in a lighter title here and there alongside the heavier book so that I don't fall too far behind.

Such fun nerdery.