02C4E: Wednesday Sorta Highlights

Wednesday Tinola

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1082

Mini News Roundup:
Another airport security officer was implicated in a theft incident. We also kind of assume they try to do this sort of thing, but these recent cases caught on camera have been so brazen and blatant. The LTFRB has extended the deadline for jeepney drivers to consolidate their franchises to the end of the year. But transport groups seem determined to push through with their week-long strike given the extension doesn't address the point - that this PUV "modernization" program is really more a phaseout of the older vehicles.

Another fun day in the Philippines.

TikTok served me a movie clip from the movie Sully today and I took the time to watch it. Now I keep getting more and more clips from the movie from different users and I wonder if I'll get around to watching the whole thing this week, albeit out of sequence. Most clips are either of the landing itself or the big investigation in the end. As I've never actually watched this movie before, I'm rather curious to finally sit down and enjoy it in earnest. 

This is still better than how my FYP was full of covers of the Rihanna football performance for the better part of two days. All it takes is finishing one video for it to take over your feed's recommended videos hahaha

I want to sort through our copy of Eleven and all of its expansions to try and fit everything into just the main box. But I also want to process videos from our last night out at O Bar. And Tobie has been running his game for some time so once he's done I'll want to watch shows with him again. I would have gotten through today's blog sooner, but I got sucked into a TikTok hole after I had gone through today's Duolingo drills. You know how it is.