02C5F: Weekend Gamelog

Saturday Tiny Epic Dungeons

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1099

Last night's game night was a lot of fun. We finally won a round of Tiny Epic Dungeons after repeated attempts. It took Tobie realizing that there was another action we had overlooked that rather changed our gameplay and help us eventually win. And that was quite a relief - mainly because we had missed out on a particular aspect of the game. It was the same situation with Forbidden Desert the first few times we played it. We kept getting mildly close to victory then losing in the end time and time again. All this changed when we finally remember that tunnels also protect you from the effects of the sun.

We're still playing through Fabled Fruit and have already gotten to card 25 of the base set. It has become our soft legacy-style game to play through every time we meet up to game. We're making good progress and I think we'll finally get to try out the Lime Expassion soon enough. Then maybe we can upgrade to more in-depth legacy games to play with the group.

The night also had us digging up Last Night on Earth after years of inactivity. I suppose it was inevitable after we had played Fortune & Glory recently. That led us to go back through our collection of Flying Frog Productions games to go back to this campy zombie classic. The human team (myself included) didn't beat the zombies this time around, but we got REALLY close. 

Then we wrapped up the night with a few rounds of Startups, which is still one of our favorite Oink Games. The only caveat is that you need a minimum of three players to play the game, so it's not something that Tobie and I can play on our own. And admittedly the game really benefits from a fuller table to really mess things up for everyone, if you get my drift.

The long night of gaming resulted in us waking up later than I had hoped. That killed my plans of jogging today but at least we still had time for Sariwon and to finally watch Leonor Will Never Die. Then the rest of the night was dedicated to our Horror on the Orient Express RPG with a Descendants of the Sun-empowered dinner break. 

A good weekend indeed.