02C4F: Older K-Drama Cliches

Thursday Cabbage

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1083

So our current K-Drama is The Heirs (now known as The Inheritors). It's one of the older K-Dramas we've explored, although the record for oldest is still Coffee Prince, and its age does show to some degree. There are two things that seem to happen a LOT in this series, both of which feel a little problematic.

The first thing is the tendency of male characters to grab a female character's wrist/arm and then almost violently turn them around. This is typically done when they're walking away and the script calls for the male character to delay them and make them face...whatever. This results in a LOT of crazy twists and turns with one of the more dramatic moments in these how involving grab and twist beside the edge of a swimming pool. It's a small wonder that K-Drama actresses haven't suffered more wrist-related injuries because of this practice.

It's kind of jarring since we haven't encountered it as much in other shows we've watched, so it feels like something that the industry has grown out of. A friend has helpfully shared other examples of "famous" arm grabs in other dramas, so it really does seem to be a thing.

The other bit that makes us a little more uncomfortable is the lack of consent for kisses. Thus far the early kisses between characters have all been non-consensual for the female character. Kissing has repeatedly been used to end arguments or any sort of discussion or just show off somehow. And the girl doesn't get a say in these things!

I guess it doesn't help that almost every character in The Heirs is kind of overly privileged because of their wealth and that makes them a little less than likable. We're more than halfway through these how and we still don't quite get how the lead girl can have any feelings for either annoying rich person.

But hey, that's how these K-Dramas work. You just roll with it.