02C5D: Somewhat Drained By Thursday

Thursday Stir-Fry

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1097

This week has been rather busy, but not always the nicely fulfilling kind of busy. A lot of it has felt rather tedious yet still rather detailed and even repetitive. It has to get done because this is tied to client requirements here and there, but it does feel a little draining at times. It's just as well that the workweek is almost over. A proper break is certainly in order.

O Bar is going to be open on Thursday nights again with tonight being the first such Thursday. They haven't had a Thursday schedule since before the pandemic and finally going back to this speaks to how much they've recovered since those dark days. I hope it pans out - I know it takes people a while to adjust to things like this because we're all pretty set in our routines at this point. Thursday wasn't the most popular night to go out before and I doubt it'll be a huge success tonight or even throughout this month. But we'll do our best to support them as they go through this experiment of sorts. More O Bar nights (that are financially viable) are better for everyone, I'd like to think.

That's all for now. Things to do. Videos to process.