02C58: More O Bar Friends

Friday Night O Bar Crew

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1092

Our table group for O Bar last night was a little different with most of our regulars unavailable and two new people who had been invited to join in the mix. But we still had a great night, which speaks to O Bar's near-universal appeal and the good judgment of friends in terms of who to invite to join the group. It's always fun to variously experience the bar for the first time through a first-timer, and MAN he really had a good time.

I also had an interesting moment with Lady Morgana, one of the contestants of Drag Race Philippines Season 1. She was with a group on the other side of the bar but close enough to make eye contact from time to time. I figured she was being polite by smiling in our direction or maybe she was making contact with someone behind us. But after the show, she approached and shared how much she appreciated the videos I had taken of her performances at O Bar a while back. I thought that was going to be a one-and-done sort of deal, but we kept talking and I ended up sharing that I had watched her perform on Kumu during the lockdown period and gave the same reinforcement to every drag queen we know who joined DRPH - that they were stars even before the show. DRPH, Drag Den, and other related shows are just platforms that help widen their reach and exposure, but what really makes them stars is their personality and planet. 

I feel like I should sit down and write a proper blog post about my "Sir Rocky" life with respect to O Bar or something. Even one of the new friends we hung out with last night hadn't realized that he had been watching the O Bar videos on my YouTube channel all this time, so it made it even more fun to meet in person. My love for the bar and the queens is uniquely personified by my documentation efforts over the years.

Today I got the family and spend some time geeking out over The Inheritors and also got a foot spa. We had our regular weekly Sariwon and just got started on Descendants of the Sun. And now we're getting ready for a full afternoon of board games to round out the evening.