02C66: Almost Time


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1106

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that part of today's agenda was our overdue family book club meeting. That aligned with my errands for the morning, although the conclusion of the group was to shift to a new book. But we're also the sort of people who won't give up on a book we've already read through for as long as we have, so it seems we've added a whole other book to our collective queue.

We are a family of competitive readers.

Game night last night was fun. I continue to win at Project L and I had a surprisingly good Lost Ruins of Arnak game. Game nights are always worth giving up some sleep.

I got through most of the errands list for today. I picked up the supplies I needed for the flight and even some stuff for the Sietch while I'm away. I filled up my SG Arrival Card online already. And we have packed most of my stuff for the trip save for toiletries and a few other things in may stuff into my bag.

We're wrapping up another in-person game night, after which we're dashing off to O Bar for their summer kickoff event night. I hope I have the stamina and constitution to get through this and still make it to my flight.

Oh the choices we make for a fulfilling life.