0273C: Fitness Wobble

Keto Filipino Low Carb Cake
When my Fitbit strap broke during the recent Bangkok trip it really threw my fitness routine off-kilter. Throw in the fact that we were out of town on a bit of a vacation and I was not going to get any exercise work done. As much as I know that I should exercise for the sake of exercising but there was something that really bothered me about not being able to quantify any physical activity in terms of steps, heart rate, and all those other measures.

I have no shame in owning that I know I'm a machine time kind of person. I've always worn a watch ever since I was entrusted with one and there's a comfort that comes with knowing the time with that level of precision. That same mindset translates into how I've embraced having a Fitbit and trusting it to gather all sorts of data on my daily activity (and my inactivity). And losing that tracking really threw me off my game.

This week my heart wasn't into exercising ever since I got back from Bangkok and it was far to easy to use the cloudy weather as feeble justification for not exercising. But thankfully my replacement Fitbit straps arrived and I at least got some step activity done before work and have ended this day with a good 15,000 steps - 5,000 steps more than my bare minimum goal as of late. For context, on days that I jog, I tend to end with closer to 20,000 steps for the day. So it's quite the crawl back.

I also had more sugar than I should have over the course of the trip, primarily the desserts on the flights in and out of Bangkok. That has had me snacking on my chocolate covered almonds more than my control limits of 3-5 pieces to closer to 10 and I was feeling crummy about that. So I passed by Real Food after work today to pick up some keto-friendly desserts to help me wean off the increased sugar levels and get back to my full keto life.

I still haven't broken 83 kilos and I know I'm back above 84 kilos since the trip. I just have to redouble my efforts, get back on that horse and other odd metaphors for getting down to business to defeat the Huns.