0247E: Another Passport Stamp

After years of pretty much just trips back and forth between Manila and Singapore, this year is starting out pretty colorful. There was the quick weekend in Bangkok for my brother and now we just wrapped up a stellar weekend in Bali, Indonesia with our company.  And this time we stayed long enough to experience more of the local culture, try different local dishes and even walked on the beach. Sure, we didn't swim, but it's not like we're all that big on swimming. It was still a great weekend.

And all this just gets us more excited for figuring out where to go next. Tobie and I stopped traveling together after Yoshi died and just never quite got back on that particular horse. And it's kind of funny how it's through my company trips that Tobie are starting to travel again. Last year we got to go to Palawan for the first time.

And now it's another country. But we really need to figure out travel on our own, too. And naturally, we have a few countries in mind as they're the same countries we've been talking about on and off again for years now. We just need to take the time to actually plan a tri - which is the bigger challenge since it's really easy to get lost in the day-to-day of work and our weekly game schedules.