0273D: Let's Get Weird!

While people have some pretty different opinions about Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, I have to admit that I've really fallen in love with their interpretation of Entrapta.

In the original series, it was already stressed that Entrapta was the main technician of the Horde and was responsible for creating many of their dread machines. She also just happens to have very long hair that she can control like tentacles. She had a few appearances in the mini-comics and the cartoons but beyond that, she wasn't particularly memorable.

In this new cartoon, they've turned her into a largely benevolent mad scientist-type character who really just wants to be free to study First World technology and come up with new inventions. It doesn't particularly matter to her whether this involves her working with the other princesses or with the Horde - she just wants to be left alone with her devices. She's this odd expression of a love for science with little concern for the implications of her actions at times.

It does make for a very entertaining character and I enjoy most of her time on-screen. Seasons 2 and 3 have been really working on developing a bit of a relationship between her and Hordak, of all people, and I'm all for it.