0274A: Shipping Out Shortly

Big trip tomorrow for our company outing. It's the first time that we're all flying to a different country to have the different branches of the office meet in one location, so it's all quite exciting. And I'm extra glad that Tobie gets to tag along. Apart from the company stuff, this also means a weekend with my nephew Mason, which is always a delight.

But the nature of international travel means that we have a weird flight schedule early in the morning and so we're not going to get much sleep tonight. Travel is always a challenge in itself, but once we get there I'm sure the real fun is going to begin.

I wonder if we should invest in bringing a few small games for incidental recreation. Of course, a pack or two of standard playing cards is essential for a trip like this, but there's always the temptation to bring other stuff. But that would mean needing what we term to be party-level games that support crazy player counts.