02484: Slower Rainy Sunday

Karen's Neko Atsume Tubbs plushie is a MOOD.

Time flies when you're just lazing around at home. After gaming all night we've just stayed in today and enjoyed an awesome roasted chicken and a fair amount of Netflix. It was nice to just sleep in and laze about today apart from my obligations to hit my Fitbit step goals every hour on the hour.

Our original game plans for the day were canceled before the weekend and we didn't try to force anything else to replace it just yet apart from maybe looking for nearby friends who might want to hang out. But it'll be perfectly fine to just relax at home on our own given the business of the weekend thus far and the odd element of my birthday happening later in the week.

I know part of me is overthinking how else to possibly celebrate my birthday apart from yesterday's FGTC game night and our planned O Bar night with friends and offices this Friday. But hey to some degree it's just another day and on the flip side it's always nice to game with friends, so those elements should come together one way or another.

But I do feel like playing a few more games with Tobie before Sunday ends.