02487: Goldilocks Birthday Zone

Mid-week birthdays always feel a little weird to me since you still feel pretty immersed in "real life" obligations like work and such unless you file leave. And so it somewhat bounds one's options for commemorating another trip around the sun.

Despite all that, today was pretty good.

Birthday greetings began in earnest in the morning, especially after Tobie did his annual post reminding people that they should greet me for my birthday. Work was chill although a lot of stuff needed to get done. At least there were no crazy fires that needed putting out and I just got stuff done.

Had a nice birthday lunch with Tobie and Sariwon and the staff sang Happy Birthday in three different languages. Shortly after getting back to the office I received the unusual gift of a rechargeable fan for my desk, which was actually pretty perfect since the smaller USB-powered ones never seem to last long.

And now we're wrapping up a Vampire: the Masquerade RPG session, which is a part of a longer-term campaign that we started this month.

Nothing too spectacular but still not too bad at all. Count your blessings and all that.