02740: Bajoran Nostalgia

For a change of pace, I tried reading the Millennium trilogy of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine books that involve time travel, dystopian futures and a good amount of Odo, Quark, and Garak. And that just had me missing the particular ebb and flow of Star Trek stories. And it made me miss the unique stories that DS9 was able to tell across seven seasons.

DS9 was particularly impactful to me as a Star Trek fan since it was the first Trek that I got to watch from the very beginning. I had managed to watch the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation mainly in repeats but not when it first debuted. DS9 was a show that I got to start when local TV started to air it. And I fell in love with this odd little adventure on the edge of Federation space.

I'm not quite sure what was so compelling about the show. Maybe it was just the novelty that it was not about exploration of the unknown but more people just trying to understand how to live together in some relative sense of harmony. And there's a unique beauty to that setting that remains rather fascinating.

Didn't really give Tobie a choice tonight in terms of what to watch by loading the pilot episode of DS9 on Netflix. I had already made him watch the show once but I don't necessarily feel the need to re-watch the entire season again. But it is nice to return to the station after so long.