0273E: Rainy Weekend Cancellations

It has been raining on and off since yesterday and prudence demanded that we cancel our game plans. It sucks whenever this happens since we really love our games and we go through a lot of effort to get everything scheduled a month ahead of time just to avoid complications like this. But gotta respect the weather and we have to make sure that everyone who games with us still has the option of getting home safely and adverse weather conditions definitely complicate things.

Now Tobie and I have a rare Saturday night without a game session. We could head out to O Bar later, but we're not particularly feeling up to braving a Saturday night plus the fact that we didn't arrange for friends to join us ahead of time. There aren't any movies we're keen on seeing in an actual cinema and there are no other folks nearby enough to drag over without guilt.

So yeah, we're just chilling. Last night we watched the whole third season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which was a lot of fun. Tonight we've at least watched the first episode of The Boys and there's also the option of getting properly caught up on Pose or something.