02745: A Full Mommy Saturday

Saturdays are days that I primarily dedicate to my mom. For most of this year, every Saturday has involved visiting her at her condo and making sure things are okay. We'd typically have brunch in the area and maybe settle a few chores here and there.

For this Saturday I figured that it would be nice to have Tobie join us for lunch, so I checked to make sure that would work with her plans. As she had a scheduled massage in the afternoon, it sounded like our day had a time limit, which still worked out.

I wasn't prepared for a full day out together with her and another friend. Plans somehow shifted over the course of the day and what started as a lunch out ended with us wrapping up past 09:00pm. Needless to say, it was a very good day.

So I guess it was a fortunate turn of events that our original game plans set for tonight were canceled at the last minute. That encouraged me to have Tobie join us for the day and it freed us up to stay with mom longer. And it's always nice to have Tobie interact with my family more.