02743: Whew.


Today I had more formal touchpoints with at least 7 of our employees as I was determined to catch up with a lot of long-overdue paperwork before the long weekend. That's not counting lengthy conversations with a few others as part of the usual day-to-day activities of the workweek.

But it's a good sort of tired because it was certainly important work and part of the job that feels a lot more fulfilling, even if it can get pretty emotionally draining, as is the nature of social contact in general. But I know it's the part of the job that I really need to invest more time into despite how crazy things can get. Just a question of how to balance things accordingly.

But it was certainly a nice note to end the week on before the long weekend. We're off for National Day in Singapore since we follow their holidays and also we have Monday off as well. No big plans apart from games set for the weekend and some errands that I want to catch up on tomorrow. There's also some more work that we need to get done, but it's always so tricky dedicating time to that when your mind is eager to embrace the holiday period. Time will tell.