02744: Medical Friday

Given it's the National Day holiday in Singapore, we didn't have work today. But as is the case of these non-Philippine no-work days, I decided to focus on getting some essential errands done. On other days I've worked on government stuff or banking needs. Today I addressed a bunch of medical items that have been on my checklist for some time.

I woke up around the usual time and made the most of things by trying to get through my Maxicare-enabled Annual Physical Exam. Thankfully this year we found a clinic based in BGC versus one in Makati so it wasn't too hard to get to even given the lousy rainy weather today. But thankfully it wasn't a busy day at the clinic and I actually finished the whole thing in about an hour. It felt early enough to push my luck, so I then walked over to the nearby Maxicare Primary Care center to request more thorough blood tests than the standard CBC that comes with our APE package to check on my cholesterol and sugar levels. I had not intended to fast but things sort of worked out that way so I managed to get my blood extraction done before heading home.

I actually managed to go home to prepare breakfast for Tobie while he worked but then it was quickly time to brave the rains again to make it to my dental appointment. It had been a little too long since my last cleaning and once again the dentist informed me the level of work needed would go beyond the minimum that Maxicare covers, which wasn't too much of an issue. It actually wasn't that long a session between the cleaning and two fillings but there was a lot of lecturing going on about proper toothbrushing techniques and how I clearly brushed too hard to the point of damaging my teeth a bit. There were also other recommendations about having my wisdom tooth extracted, but I'm really not too keen on that just yet. At least my teeth are cleaner now, right? And this time around I really hope to stick to the every 6 months cleaning schedule.

Now I just have to re-learn how to brush my teeth without being overly forceful about it. That's sort of how I've been doing it for like most of my life.