02480: Pre-Birthday Minor Meh

Right off the bat, I have to clarify that generally speaking, I am looking forward to my birthday. I know this weekend I'll have an advanced celebration with one of our regular gaming groups and next week I'll be celebrating at O Bar with friends and office colleagues.

But as for the actual mid-week birthday, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do.

Our new Vampire group is free to meet that day as we typically aim to game on Wednesdays. they're a fun group but they're also a relatively newer group so there's a part of me that isn't quite sure if they're the group of people I want to indirectly celebrate my birthday with. Sure, anyone's birthday extends beyond the individual day itself, but you know how it is. There's an odd power to birthdays and it's pretty easy to overthink these things.

There's even the question of what I want to be doing as we cross midnight into the actual day itself since, you know, that is also sort of a thing! Isn't it? Or is that just me?

Hence the meh feeling.