0241D: Routine Disruptions

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 17

We had our highest single-day rise in COVID-19 cases at 538 new diagnosed cases, bringing our total count to 2,084.

Today was pretty busy in terms of work, and that helped me focus more on moving forward despite everything else going on in the world. There is a comfort in routine and obligation that always helps me keep moving. Regardless of how I might be feeling about things, work is work and feelings just don't factor into that.

I think I'm more annoyed that I feel a little off more than the down feeling itself. I'm a generally logical, practical person and I know the importance of quarantine and I appreciate that our quarantine situation is not as difficult as others. And both as an introvert and a geek with many indoor hobbies, I should generally be built for this sort of thing but I guess anyone can feel a little cabin fever given enough time at home. Or maybe it's more being aware that you're being required to stay home.

Talking through things with Tobie, friends, and family have reminded me that our routine includes a lot of social activities. The quarantine has removed our different game sessions throughout the week and we haven't been to O Bar since well before the quarantine was even being debated. I can't go to the gym and Tobie and I can't even grocery together since only one person per household should handle shopping for essential supplies including groceries. And all those disruptions to the routine of our shared life together are probably playing a big role in me feeling more uncomfortable than normal with how life has been going.

Gotta hang in there. It's going to be a while before the quarantine is scheduled to end and that's not even factoring in the very high possibility of it getting extending.