0240A: Metro Manila, Closed Metropolis

This is also Lockdown
So it has been kind of crazy today with all the community quarantine (or more commonly "lockdown") talk that started as group chat rumors and escalated into social media madness and finally culminated in a rambling statement from the President.

Long story short: the government is restricting travel in and out of Metro Manila in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country. The exact details of how this is all going to work out are terribly sketchy and I can see different government units scrambling to translate the initial "resolution" into an actual quarantine plan that the public can understand.

It'll be a while before we unpack the full implications of this decision and how it's going to impact our lives. I feel like a better part of today was lost to making sure we had a plan in place to cover all the bases at work. But just tonight we're already considering the impact of this on our gaming schedules and we're already needing to cancel a few.

Strap in folks, we're up for a bumpy ride.