02403: First 30 Gym Days

So I've been going to the gym for over a month now and it has been an interesting experience thus far. I've come to look forward to my morning exercise sessions and following the Nike Training Club app has provided me a lot more diversity than just jogging beside the Singapore Embassy. I haven't made significant headway in terms of weight-loss per se, but I do feel a lot better and I think I'm starting to see progress with respect to how I look in the mirror. I know it's not all about weight-loss in itself, and with luck, I'm making progress with respect to tightening the flappier bits I have given my overall weight-loss since I started keto.

Most of my exercises are focused on bodyweight routines thus far with the occasional dumbbell here or there, but I know it's the way to go. During my first week, I got super excited with the weights and machines that before seven days had passed I was feeling pretty bleh and needed to take a break to recover. Now I feel I have a better gauge of what my body can handle and even if I've been exercising almost every day, it has all been to a degree that supports what feels like a healthier progression. I'll build up to more intense stuff in time. I've already finished the 4-week beginner's exercise plan in the Nike app and am now making my way through the 6-week Lean Fit plan that is proving to be a bit more intense.

The fitness journey continues.