02419: Adaptive Routines

Brunch for two

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 13

Tobie braved the queues at SM Supermarket this morning and it took him the better part of 4 hours to queue, shop and then queue to pay. At least SM is fairly organized in terms of how they're trying to manage people traffic from both the basement entrance and the street-level entrance to the supermarket, so that's reassuring. And stock levels appeared to be better today than last weekend, so I guess the supply chain is stabilizing to some degree.

It's nice to have the essentials again. Sure we have longer-lasting food like canned goods and frozen stuff but more perishable vegetables are always going to be something you'll want on a regular basis. The big victory was how Tobie managed to find eggs, albeit more expensive brown eggs, but no complaints there.

Believe it or not, I've still managed to stay on keto during this whole situations and I'd like to maintain this for as long as I can. It'll only take more serious scarcity and limited access to fresh goods that will probably force me to rely on things like noodles or even rice and other staples that stretch more. But so far so good - still losing weight on keto and still working out within the limited space offered by the Sietch.

This is the new normal for now. Hopefully not for too much longer. But there's hope and there's wishful thinking, and I've always tried to be more practical and realistic about situations like this.

We shall endure.