02406: Covid Continuity

I'm getting a weird sense of deja vu this weekend since the Philippines finally has new cases of Covid-19 and it feels like we're going through a lot of the craziness I experienced while in Singapore during the initial wave of Coronavirus mania. At least we didn't go through the weird panic-buying of toilet paper phase (yet?) and things are still pretty calm.

The biggest challenge is probably getting reliable (and consistent) information as everyone seems to be racing to chime in? DOH has their more-or-less daily press briefings along with a section of their website dedicated to updates on the virus as a start. But then we get additional statements from the hospitals followed by a company release about one of their employees and it's all kind of a mess. Hopefully they'll get their act together in time should additional cases be identified and define the information protocols better.

And while highly contagious, thankfully Covid-19's lethality remains between 1-3%. It's very likely this will become more like the common cold over time but for now it's just as vulnerable to good hygiene as other such viruses. Wash your hands regularly, people! And sing whatever 20-second ditty you want in order to make sure your sanitizing efforts pay off.