02405: The Expanding Collection

For today's game night, we finally got to try out the massive Collector's Edition of Suburbia, which Tobie had secured a little while back. The game is massive and thus it doesn't travel well to game sessions not held at home. Thus it's more likely that we'll bring out the big box while in the safety of our own home more often than not.

Suburbia box comparison
Tobie and I love Suburbia. It's a really solid tile-laying game that fulfills everyone's SimCity dreams through a tabletop experience. And while the collector's edition was clearly an indulgent love letter to the game, it's totally worth the experience.

Getting back to last night, we ended up not playing as long as hoped, mainly because I started to wind down by 02:00am. In years past we would have gamed until sunrise, but doesn't happen as much as it used to in our older years. Life has a funny way of catching up with you in this manner, I guess.

In other news, I had a longer workout today at the Burgos Circle branch of Anytime Fitness for a change, and it's really not my favorite. I clearly felt the gym was smaller given the number of people working out this morning and it was a bit of a struggle to find a space to work out in their functional fitness area given all the different obstacles and other equipment they had set up for themselves. Plus there's the other complaint of how their dumbells are the type that shares the same rough handle type as bigger barbells and I may need to consider gloves of some sort when working out there. Good thing they're not my home branch.

I am curious about exploring the 4th Avenue branch sometime soon. I'll probably get a chance next Saturday, which is becoming my Anytime Fitness tourist day of sorts. This is a thing that I am actually doing! How strange is this life where Rocky is a person who goes to the gym regularly?